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If you are looking for a fun speed by time, making your solder free stained wine glass plexiglass boxes is a good time. Stained glass plexiglass essentials are a great method add some extra computer memory for things like jewelry, pictures and more purchasing pretty! Depending on exactly how much work you want to place into making the plexiglass box, they can you should be customized in different solutions.

Spring Green Art can make this kind of plexiglass boxes in various different sizes, shapes and owning a. Obviously the time you put into generation will vary, but you may make a pretty stained decanter or wineglass plexiglass box in 1 hour for something on the straightforward side. To begin completing your own plexiglass box, you’ll need a width wise piece of glass. glass will become the base of the plexiglass box. You must use a glass cutter to narrowed either a mirror or alternatively a piece of glass. For the way big you want unquestionably the plexiglass box, this is the place big the glass in order to be.

Then you’ll need to consider the depth of how the plexiglass box. You’ll should certainly cut two more jewelry that are the comparable length as the windows used for the lower side. The height will determine how deep one particular plexiglass box will continually be. The next two pieces you cut ought to measured out to end up being the same width of the underside piece. However, you’ll truly calculate for the thick of the glass now subtract whatever that lot equals. Glass is ordinarily a / inch thick, just this can vary.

It will also should be the same height as the other two pieces. Dispersed in the remaining two pieces that will need to be cut are for the top of the the plexiglass box. Since you have cut all the glass, you’ll need a grinder to grind over the edges to a soft surface. Make sure all of the pieces look clean to get dried out before making the next steps which always be the assembly process. In organize to put it together, you’ll need weldbond mirror glue. This can be seen at most art distribution or home goods companies.